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Independientemente del formato específico del proceso de la entrevista, es importante estar preparado. Algunas empresas pueden tener algunas conversaciones iniciales o pantallas telefónicas antes de pasar a rondas de entrevistas con varios equipos, mientras que otras pueden tener una estructura diferente. Para ayudarlo a tener éxito en la entrevista, hemos recopilado algunos recursos útiles para que esté listo.

Update your LinkedIn 

LinkedIn serves as a powerful platform to develop your professional persona and expand your network. By updating your status to #OPENTONETWORK, you signal to recruiters and your connections that you are open to exploring new opportunities.

Note: You can also only let recruiters know your looking for new opportunities. 

Start connecting

Networking can help you connect with people that may know open roles, advice and possibly a referral for a role you might be interested in. Here are some tips on connecting and growing your network. 

Personalize your connection requests: LinkedIn provides a default message when you attempt to connect with someone, but it's more effective to personalize the message. Explain why you'd like to connect, how you came across their profile, or any common interests or experiences you share.

Hi Alice, Impressed by your experience in [their industry], especially your role in [specific project or accomplishment], I'm reaching out for a connection. As a [your current role], I'm expanding my network with professionals like you to exchange insights.

I look forward to the possibility of connecting with you and engaging in insightful discussions in the future.

Join relevant groups: Participating in LinkedIn groups that align with your industry or professional interests can be a great way to meet and connect with new people.

Try searching for groups that align with your industry or professional interests. e.g. "Latinas in Cybersecurity" 

Don't forget about alumni networks: Connecting with people from your alma mater can be an easy way to grow your network. LinkedIn makes it easy to find and connect with fellow alumni.

Getting ready

While growing your network, start getting your resume and elevator pitch ready. We have some pointers on getting your resume ready before actually applying. 

Where to Search?

We put together a list of sites and some tips on how to search across multiple sites for job postings.

Tip: Most sites offer Job Alerts so you can be notified when a new job is posted. 

Got a call?

Congrats! its time to get ready for that interview, check out some interview tips we put together to get you ready for the big day! 

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