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Career Sessions

Our recorded sessions offer comprehensive career advice, covering topics from leveraging AI to enhance your resume, obtaining certifications, and engaging in conversations with hiring managers and recruiters to gain valuable insights for job seekers.

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From Classroom to Boardroom

🔍 Discussion Focus:

Navigating the Professional Journey
Commonly asked interview questions and how to approach them
Tips and strategies for successful interviews

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Unlocking Potential: An Overview of CompTIA Certifications

Join Kirk Smallwood, as he walks us through the importance of certification and how they can help you on your path into and during tech.

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Building your resume & Interviews insights using AI

Working on your resume? Listen to how you can use AI to understand what the X-Y-Z formula is and how it can help you prep for next interview.

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Meet the recruiter

Wondered what are some tips from recruiters and the do's and don'ts when reaching out to them. Listen in as Sofia lets us know.

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Meet your community - Hugo Aponte

Have you ever wondered what a Software Engineering Manager in tech does and how to get started in the field? If so, get ready for this Meet your community session with Hugo Aponte from Microsoft.

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