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Technical certifications demonstrate an individual's knowledge, skills, and experience in a specific field or technology. Earning a technical certification can help individuals advance their careers, command higher salaries, and demonstrate expertise to employers.


It is important to research and compare different certifications before choosing the ones that align with career goals.

We have created a list of certifications you can consider depending on the career you plan to pursue. The links point sites to help you better understand the domains/areas of knowledge covered by each cert.  Most have a cost but some are free, if free we added a "🆓" next to the cert name. If you're looking for a CompTIA certification, use "UNLOCK2023" for 15% off.

Starter certifications 

If you are seeking a beginner-level certification to kickstart your career, consider exploring these options:

Security Certifications

When planning your next security certification, it is important to understand the domains that each certification covers. To help you navigate this process, I recommend checking out the comprehensive guide on security certifications created by Paul Jerimy. It is a highly useful resource.


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