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About us

We officially launched on 9/15/22 with the idea of making it easier for those in tech to build a community that transcends across companies and economic barriers, in-person and virtually. That same community can help others by making it easier to connect and understand how to "break into" tech. We are a proud veteran and minority owned and operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

EIN 92-0398538

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The word SOMOS is Spanish and Portugueses for "We are" and tech to represent that WE ARE TECH.  This idea came from having a conversation with Nathalia Dunlap, who co-founded SOMOS early in career network in the Employee Resource group at Microsoft. Where she led the creation of a community for Hispanic and Latinx.

Why we started?

We know it can be hard and almost intimidating to pursue a career in tech. Some of us don't know where or how we can start. We want to be there for you, through mentorship and networking we can lean in on each other to help build our community. All of our resources will ALWAYS BE FREE for our members. We want to establish a community with no boundaries.


About our site:

Our site was designed by our Design Team Kal Walker & Jonathan Nava with the idea of creating a community for Hispanic and Latinx tech professional. 

About our logo:

Our log was created by  Jonathan Nava. What inspired Johnathan? "When designing something that is supposed to be “Latino” I feel like people always go to the past to see what has been done before. For SOMOS.Tech that didn’t make sense. There hasn’t been much representation of Latinos in the Tech field, so we decided to design forward. In orders to do that we had to separate ourselves from the common stereotypes that we are all tired of seeing. I believe that was the hardest part of making the logo. How can we make something that doesn’t leave anyone out. There is so many Latin people with different cultures, languages, and identities. The answer I came up with involved focusing more on the Typograph and colors." - Jonathan Nava 

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