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We've developed a wealth of resources to assist you. Feel free to use the search bar for specific keywords, or browse the comprehensive list below to discover everything we offer.

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Find Bootcamps, Certifications, Training and how to start getting experience in learning.


Help us build a community and connect with others in tech.

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We created free online programs for those that are starting in tech and who are seeking a mentor.

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From Internships, Apprenticeships, Volunteering and Projects/hackathons. Learn how to get experience. 

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Explore different programs and courses to ramp up your skills

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Understand what roles are in tech, learning resources, resume, interview tips and how to get experience.

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Looking for you next role? we have some tips that may help you.


Help mentor our community by becoming a mentor.

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Short, intensive training with hands on experience

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Looking for what Tools, Books and Podcast we recommend? check out this page. 


Mentors offer insights and skills. Leverage virtual mentor for help.

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Navigating career transition in the tech industry can be overwhelming, but you're not alone.

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Building a resume? try these tips and tricks to help you create an amazing resume.

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Demonstrate your knowledge or skills in a specific field

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Tech professionals to share their journey and help us understand what would help someone in their role. 

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Looking for internships? We put together some that you may be intrested in.

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Getting ready for an interview? check out these tips and tricks that could help you. 

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Check out the scholarships page where you can find a few scholarships you may qualify for for.

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I want to get into tech!

any help?

Freelance | Erik Ruiz (

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Welcome Erik! We have a great walkthrough on getting started here

Are we missing anything?

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How to improve our LinkedIn?

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