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To research the company, you can start by visiting the company's website and reading about their products, services, and culture. Look for information about the company's mission, values, and goals. You can also research the company's industry and market to get a better understanding of their business and the challenges they may face.

As you research the company, consider what skills and experiences would be most relevant and valuable to them. Think about the specific job or role you are applying for, and what skills and experiences the company is looking for in a candidate. Make a list of these skills and experiences and think about how you can highlight them in your resume.

Here are some specific steps you can take to research the company:

  • Visit the company's website and read about their products, services, and culture. Look for information about their mission, values, and goals.

  • Research the company's industry and market. This can help you understand the company's business and the challenges they may face.

  • Look for news articles or press releases about the company. This can give you insight into their recent activities and accomplishments.

  • Search for the company on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn or Twitter. This can give you a sense of the company's culture and values, as well as any recent news or updates.

  • Consider reaching out to current or former employees of the company. They may be able to provide insight into the company's culture and the specific skills and experiences that are valued. You can use the online forum to ask current or former employees. Leverage your network 🦉

Understanding the company will also help you in the interview, if you can connect to the company's core values or initiatives it will help the interviewer see you as a good fit for the team.

We put together some highlights for a few of the companies to get you started. 


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