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May Updates

Updated: Jul 12

🌞 Summer is here and we have set of updates to patch. 💻

Events: -

Join us and other communities for the next events 📆 Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet your community and expand your network.

Introducing Programs! -

We created a free online program you can take or point someone to. To start we created one for people trying to get started in tech. Check it out and if you have feedback please let us know ->

My Groups -

Want to create a group for Developers, PMs or in the local area. Check out Groups 👀 don't see one. Create a group.

We have a new alliances! 🤝 Alliances |

Latinx in Gaming:

"Latinx in Gaming serves as a platform to connect with Latinos/Latinx/Latine across the gaming industry, promote cultural appreciation, representations in games/game-related content, and provide a platform for the Latinx community to elevate themselves and each other."

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