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Product Marketing Manager

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Volunteer Role: Product Marketing Manager - Online Programs with AI

Time Commitment:

1-2 hours per week (flexible based on availability).


As a Product Marketing Manager for online programs with AI, you play a crucial role in developing, managing, and optimizing our AI-driven online programs. Your expertise in marketing and understanding of technology will help us effectively reach our target audience and promote our mission.

Key Responsibilities:

1.Program Promotion:

oDevelop marketing strategies to promote our AI-based online programs.

oCreate compelling content (such as blog posts, social media updates, and newsletters) to highlight program benefits and engage our community.

oCollaborate with the communications team to ensure consistent messaging across channels.

2.Audience Segmentation:

oIdentify and segment our target audience for online programs.

oTailor marketing messages to resonate with different user groups.

oLeverage data insights to refine audience targeting.

3.Content Creation:

oWork closely with program managers and technical teams to understand program features and benefits.

oCreate marketing collateral, including brochures, videos, and web content.

oHighlight the AI-driven aspects of our programs to attract tech-savvy individuals.

4.Campaign Execution:

oPlan and execute marketing campaigns to drive program enrollment.

oMonitor campaign performance and adjust strategies as needed.

oCollaborate with volunteers and community members to amplify our reach.

5.Event Promotion:

oPromote virtual events, webinars, and workshops related to our online programs.

oCoordinate with event organizers to ensure consistent branding and messaging.

oEncourage participation and engagement from our community.

6.Feedback Loop:

oGather feedback from program participants and adjust marketing approaches accordingly.

oContinuously improve messaging based on user insights.

oCollaborate with program managers to align marketing efforts with program enhancements.


•Experience in product marketing, particularly in technology or nonprofit settings.

•Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

•Understanding of AI concepts and their application in online programs.

•Passion for promoting educational opportunities and supporting our mission.

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