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A huge thank you! 

We are incredibly grateful for your dedication and contributions during the first bug bash for the "Starting in Tech V2" program. Your expertise, diverse perspectives, and collaborative efforts have not only strengthened the integrity and functionality of our platform but have also significantly bolstered the supportive foundation we aim to provide for our community.


Your collective input has been instrumental in refining the user experience and ensuring that our program remains on the cutting edge, accessible, and inclusive. By identifying and addressing critical issues, you've helped us to create an environment where aspiring tech professionals can thrive and grow. The enhancements resulting from this bug bash mean our users can now engage more seamlessly with the resources they need to launch successful careers in technology.


Together, we've taken a significant step towards empowering the Hispanic and Latinx communities in tech, making "Starting in Tech V2" not just a program, but a movement towards greater diversity and opportunity in the tech industry. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, shaping a future where technology is built by and for everyone.

Thank you once again for your valuable contributions!

  • Xue

  • Terri

  • Victoria

  • Samantha Rodriguez

  • Wanda

  • Edgar

  • Karina

  • macarena

  • Olha

  • Emmeline

  • Mahomedalid

  • Amanda

  • Raul

  • stephanie

  • Fernando

  • Reina

  • Hauvert

  • Prerak

  • Marilyn

  • Renato

  • Joey

  • Melissa

  • Mayra

  • Dallas

  • Vanessa

  • Prachi

  • Jacqueline


The Bug Basher 🐛

The "Bug Basher" badge is a special token of appreciation for those who have made significant contributions to the first bug bash for the "Starting in Tech V2" program. This emblem symbolizes your critical role as a pioneer in the pursuit of a flawless user experience, reflecting your hard work and dedication to improving the platform. As a bearer of this badge, you are recognized for your skills in problem-solving and your commitment to enhancing technology for the betterment of our community. Wear it with pride, knowing you've helped pave the way for future tech professionals.

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