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If you're already in tech we can help each other, providing guidance for those that are new to the field and those that are starting or have years of experience. We can all help each other. 


Engage with your community virtually and in person.


What we know now and would recommend someone starting in the feild to know.


Know of an opportunity in tech and would like to let your community know?


Show support by attending our events and inviting more to attend.


Signup to be a part of our Ask Me Anything series where you can share your story.


Share your knowledge with us to help our community. Are we missing/can improve something? 


Help mentor your community and signup to be a mentor.


We put together pointers that have helped us as we grow in this field, from Communities, Tips and tricks, Professional development to Book recommendations. 


Most companies already have an onboarding process that walks new employees through what resources you have access to. We cannot stress enough to connect with the Employee Resource Group (ERG) or Employee Network (EN) or Affinity Groups. These groups can help you quickly establish connections across the company and offer you resources. 

Time management

Starting in tech feels like "drinking from a fire hose" at times but we all start somewhere. We put together some of the resources that help us keep track and manage our time effectively.  

Check list

Prioritizing task as they come up in a checklist is important. Something that has helped many, is tagging each task with a priority. e.g., EOD (End of Day) EOW (End of Week) EOM (End of Month). This way you can review all tasks before calling it a day. A few apps that help you jot down tasks are below and offered across multiple platforms. ๐Ÿ“ฑ๐Ÿ’ป


When scheduling a meeting you can use FindTime to review everyone's availability and offer them choices that the vote on. This makes it easy to schedule meetings across calendars. Note: Requires Microsoft Outlook. Watch Kevin Stratvert's review on how to use FindTime to better understand it. 

Book recommendations

Some of the books that have inspired us or helped us grow in this field are listed below.


Effective presentation skills are a crucial component of any role or discipline. To assist you, we have compiled a list of tips and suggestions to enhance your presentation abilities.


Toastmasters International offers a structured education program, including manuals and speeches, which members can use to track their progress and achieve specific educational awards. They have programs that make you a proficient and effective presenter and you can find local clubs to get started.

Buidling content

Screen captures and video are effective in any presentation, for Screen captures with some great features like blurring and arrows check out Snagit and for Video editing. Check out the following. 

Disclosure: Content on the site has been created and/or contributed by employees at companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Meta, among others. 

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