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Your nonprofit community for

advancing the Hispanic & Latinx {community}


Why build community?

Only 1 in 14 or 7% corporate tech roles identify as Hispanic or Latinx
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How we help

We provide networking opportunities, resources, mentorship, and a sense of {community}.

Build your network IRL or virtually 

Connect with your community and expand your network at our upcoming event. 

Join a community group

Connect with your community with community groups if you don't see one, start one.

Leverage AI to help you 

We put created a virtual mentor and put together AI tools to help you.

Our alliances & educational partners
From the community

Invoke-Growth was an impactful event! it was extremely well-organized, and attending was truly worth it. I connected with many people and thoroughly enjoyed meeting new latin@s. I hope to continue expanding my network with and find a right place to work!


I attended the invoke growth event online and it was really refreshing to see and hear from like-minded latinos in tech. I made a lot of new acquaintances thanks to this opportunity to network. I also learned from tech industry leaders on how to stand out to employers.


Sofia shared valuable insights, and I particularly appreciated her discussion of cyber-work roles. She summarized each work role's descriptions and explained their interrelationships concisely. This has given me an understanding of the work roles and the skills I intend to build for future career opportunities. ...

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